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Multiple actions in html form
Multiple actions in html form

Multiple actions in html form

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Form with multiple actions - posted in HTML/XHTML: Not sure if this has been asked before. I did a search but couldnt find it. If this does end up

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May 21, 2013 - As @AliK mentioned, this can be done easily by looking at the value of the submit buttons. When you submit a form, unset variables will evaluate Jun 29, 2004 - Since a form can only have a single action, the same PHP script had to handle all <html><head>Multi-button from with switch/case</head> I'm not sure how to put a form action in a function. I'm completely clueless how to do this. PayPal HTML only supports custom fields so this a

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Say I had a form on a site and when the used clicked SUBMIT, I wanted to perform See I want to have one submit button perform multiple actions. Just like above, only that html wont work, and I'm not really good in java to where I can assign Switching the form's 'action' field dynamically. What we will try to do in this post is still more adventurous: submitting the same form to multiple scripts at the same Many Actions With One HTML Form Submission See the "Multiple onClick Form Submit Attributes" tip for a method of running multiple JavaScript functionsAug 1, 2000 - We want Button1 to send the data to one page, and Button2 to send it to a completely different page. Your <form> tag specifies the action to Jul 1, 2003 - Is it possible to make an HTML form that has a different action, depending on the button clicked? I have a form w/ two buttons, and each button

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